Sunday, December 2, 2007

TechnoAmteurs in TechnoCommunication

I want to talk to the world and I want to listen

I've talked about the revolutionary potential that is now at out fingertips: The new ability to communicate with people from all over the world in the most diverse and experiential ways ever. I've seen videos by youth in Baghdad, my friend skypes (VOip with video) with people in Thailand, my peers in Brazil are watching my video on youtube and responding with their own videos. The obvious realization is that communication is possible. Now what? How do we maximize the benefits? How do we sift through the nonsense. What is it important for us to share and after doing so, what do we do?

I want to talk to the world and listen. The world of technological communication is for doing both.

I've said my bit. I've asked my questions.

I'm listening.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Experience- on blogging and the internet

Blog 2
and I don't know if there's anybody out there. Who am I speaking to? Who's going to read this? and why?
How do I get people to read my blog and do I deserve their attention?

I had considered sending the blog's link to everyone I know but thought I'd give it a week, wait and see what the internet does on its own. Doesn't seem to have done much. My blog, this little piece of me, published on the internet for everyone to read, appears to have sat as lonely and unread as the journal under my bed. I'd almost feel safe typing my deepest darkest secrets- but not quite.

I will also admit that the internet does not feel completely different. It's as if there are a million things going on behind closed doors and when I get there, the meeting has dispersed and everyone's gone. Of coarse, on the internet, they're all still there and coming and going constantly but give the impression of absence. The myth of solitude pervades every corner of its web like the feelings of issolation in a great city. And, like all great cities, there is the overwhelming fantasia of great sites to visit and things to learn that sometimes become a blessed burden too heavy for the amateur to bear. She is forced, by the feelings of her own smallness, to go home.

I am going home today, but only for a rest.
I have not given up on the internet or this blog. Most likely, you are reading this because I have sent you the link. I eagerly await your feedback, in any form, concerning anything discussed here.

Yours truly and sincerely

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

First Blog- An Introduction and a Question ?

Well, look at this, I'm blogging.
Allow me to introduce myself. I'm working on a documentary that explores the environment created by the technological communications used by the young adult and youth generations of today, i.e. the internet- blogs, youtube, socializing networks such as myspace, email, cell phones, etc.
As a member of the former group, I have noticed the increased use of these communications among my peers and the notice taken by the trend trackers and marketeers of the world.
We live in a time of the most democratic media ever, made possible by the internet, where finally everyone can take part. We are exceedingly more able to be in touch with each other, and through more mediums.

What awareness should we have about these technologies? How are they changing not only the ways that we communicate, but the communications themselves?
And also, what is the grand potential? In a time when young people all over the world have the opportunity to share in multimedia dialogue and exchange experiences and world views, can this new technology be used for something more than narcissism and trivial exchange?